Flyover Patios

A flyover roof is a structure that goes over your home’s existing roof, giving your patio extra height, natural light and airflow, which helps to cool your outdoor living area.

Flyover Patios

A flyover roof patio combines modern design, height and airflow to create the perfect outdoor space. The increased height and ventilation means the area will be cooler and much more practical.
Flyover patios are the ultimate in combining practical features with modern designs – adding much needed extra head height across the entire patio cover as well as increasing airflow and available light.

Flyover Patios

This innovative patio design is stylish, cost-efficient and perfect for any weather season.

Well-ventilated, the flyover roof design does not allow hot air to be trapped inside, ensuring a perfectly comfortable outdoor living area.

Flyover Patios

Extra Height

Having extra height keeps you cooler and also allows for fans to be installed.

Increased Ventilation

Having the roof raised allows for increased airflow and ventilation.

Custom Patio Builders Sunshine Coast

Custom Flyover Patios

As each home and existing roof is different our patio professionals will sit down with you, before the beginning of any project, and discuss how you would like your flyover patio to look.

They will then offer design suggestions based on their vast experience and knowledgeable perspective, ensuring that your flyover roof patio adds space to your home in the best possible way – maximising airflow, height and light.

Our qualified design consultants will also look at the direction your patio faces, angling the flyover roof to suit the aspect – e.g angle upwards with a North/East aspect to block out the sun in summer or allow more sunlight in winter.

Why Choose Better Patios?

At Better Patios, we have qualified patio builders that will provide you with all the necessary information on the design and engineering of your new flyover patio.

Our highly qualified staff are friendly, professional, experienced and we offer outstanding customer service.

Wide Range Of Colours To Choose from.

We can find a roof colour to match most homes!

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