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Love outdoor living, but not fond of winter’s chill or the summer heat, then a Sunroom from Better Patios may be just the solution you are looking for, to make all of your dreams come true.

Outdoor living indoor comfort

A sunroom offers many of the advantages of a patio or deck, but with the added benefit of allowing you complete control of your environment. They can be heated in the winter, cooled in the summer and if you like stormy weather, but don’t like getting wet. You can sit; watch the rain fall, and the lightening flash, while staying in complete comfort.

Sunrooms also offer several added economic advantages over traditional rooms and patios alike. Unlike a traditional home addition, a sunroom can actually help you control your energy bills. In the winter than can capture the sun’s warmth, helping to cut heating cost and in the summer they can act as a shaded buffer zone, lowering the solar heat gain in the normal living areas of your home.

Perhaps the biggest economic advantage a sunroom offers, though, is in the simple fact, that as a completely enclosed area, they increase the square footage of your home and therefore its market value.

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