Flyover Patios Sunshine Coast

A flyover patio goes over your home’s existing roof, giving your patio more airflow, natural light and extra height all allowing for a cooler outdoor living area.

Flyover Patios Sunshine Coast

A flyover patio is a unique and modern design that provides the perfect outdoor living space.

The increased height adds more natural light, extra ventilation meaning the area will be cooler while boasting views with less obstruction making it much more practical.

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Flyover Patios Sunshine Coast

This contemporary patio layout is elegant, economical, trendy, and suitable for year-round weather.

The raised roof structure provides excellent ventilation that prevents the accumulation of hot air inside, guaranteeing optimal comfort for your outdoor space.

Flyover Patios

Extra Height

Having extra height keeps you cooler and also allows for fans to be installed.

Increased Ventilation

Having the roof raised allows for increased airflow and ventilation.

Increase Home Value

Having a Patio increases the value of the home and in turn can allow for recuperation of some of the cost of installation.

Flyover Patios Sunshine Coast

Custom Flyover Patios
Sunshine Coast

At Better Patios, we recognize the uniqueness of each home, and therefore, before commencing any project, our patio experts will consult with you to understand your vision and the existing roof structure.

By combining your preferences with our extensive expertise, we will provide valuable design insights, which will guarantee that your flyover patio maximizes natural light and airflow while maintaining optimum height.

Taking into account the orientation of your patio, our expert design consultants will adjust the flyover roof accordingly. For instance, if it faces North/East, we will incline it upwards to shield you from the sun during summer or let more light in throughout winter.

Why Choose Better Patios?

Better Patios has a team of skilled patio builders who will guide you through the process of designing and engineering your flyover patio.

Our courteous and proficient staff are extremely knowledgeable and committed to providing exceptional customer service.

Wide Range Of Colours To Choose from.

We can find a roof colour to match most homes!

Advantages of a Flyover Patio

Increased living space: A flyover patio can provide additional outdoor living space, which is ideal for entertaining guests or spending time with family.

Enhanced views: Depending on the location of the house or apartment, a flyover patio can offer an uninterrupted view of the surrounding area.

Protection from the weather: A flyover patio can provide shelter from the sun, wind, and rain, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions.

Increased home value: A flyover patio can increase the value of a home or property, as it provides an additional functional and aesthetically pleasing feature that potential buyers may appreciate.

Energy-efficient: By blocking the sun’s rays, a flyover patio may help reduce energy costs associated with cooling a home or apartment during the summer months.

Improved ventilation: Flyover patios allow for better airflow, which can be particularly beneficial during hot and humid weather. The elevated position of the patio allows air to circulate more freely, keeping you cool and comfortable while you enjoy your outdoor living space.

Overall, flyover patios offer a range of advantages over regular patios, including increased space, better views, improved ventilation, increased privacy, and reduced maintenance. If you are considering adding an outdoor living space to your home, a flyover patio may be an excellent option to consider. With the right design and materials, a flyover patio can be a beautiful and functional addition to any home.

Flyover Patios Sunshine Coast


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