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Fly over patios combine modern design, height and airflow to create the perfect outdoor space. We offer a wide range of choices, brands, colours, and styles. Our staff is friendly, highly qualified and we offer customer service second to none.

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Height & Airflow

Adding the much needed extra head height and airflow all across the patio cover, flyover patios are the ultimatum in blending practical features and modern designs. This revolutionary patio design is stylish, cost-efficient and perfect for any weather season. Well-ventilated, the patio roof design does not allow hot air to be trapped inside thus leaving you with a perfectly relaxed outdoor living area that offers utmost heat deflection especially when effective roofing materials are added in the combination.

It is necessary to note that all brands have different ways to install you Flyover to your house which some may be better than others with this design feature, therefore always ensure that you first consult with a qualified design consultant. At Better Patios, we have the qualified designer builders that will provide you with all the necessary information on the design and engineering of your new flyover patio.

Our designers will sit with you before the beginning of any project and get to discuss with you how you would like your flyover patio to look like. They will then offer you suggestions from their own professional perspective or from the wide variety of predesigned concept and finally you will all eventually agree on what design you want that can be uniquely yours in every way.

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